Linking MS SQL 7 or MS Access 97

Linking MS SQL 7 or MS Access 97

Post by josow.. » Wed, 15 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I have to send data back and forth between SQL 7 and a Btrieve
database.  I can query Btrieve and Insert fine, but when updating or
deleting, it seems to only ever affect the last row in the specified
table.  I've tried pursueing this with Btrieve support, but I haven't
had any luck with them yet, nor do I want to spend another two hours
explaining to them that I know how to write SQL commands correctly,
this is a easily replicated bug in their software.

I thought I might try creating a Bridge in MS Access 97, but from what
I've read I need Access 2.0 to link to Btrieve?

I've been on and off this problem for close to two months, and my head
is about to explode.

Can anyone out there please provide some insight?

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Hi this is a thread from another news group that has not been
answered. Any ideas anyone?

Thank You, Thank hit it right on the money. It seems SQL
import/export converted all my MS-Access memo fields to the SQL ntext
data type. Does SQL Server have a comparable memo field type? If not
how do people get around the memo field requirement? Create text field
large enough for the average requirement?

Thanks Again

On Thu, 17 Jun 1999 16:40:30 +0400, Alexey Dolganov

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