Looking for Datawarehouse Consultants***Switzerland***

Looking for Datawarehouse Consultants***Switzerland***

Post by Dr S Habi » Tue, 05 Aug 1997 04:00:00

We are looking for Senior Data Warehouse consultants to work from our
Swiss Office in Basel on a long term contract Approx. 1 Year.

Experience in Multi-dimensional Analysis
Business Query Analysis
Star Schemas and Snowflaking
Meta Data Management and OLAP

If you have 3 plus major datawarehouse projects under your belt,  please
send us your resume for immediate attention. Excellant pay and
renumeration. All applicatns are welcome.


1. Switzerland/DataWarehouse Designers

Would you like to work with one of the leading Data Warehouse consulting
company in Europe.
We are a European company with offices in Switzerland.  We have constant
demand for good data warehouse practitioners with the following
experience in a project environment:

1. Data Warehouse Architects:

Senior data warehouse architects with the ability to develop a logical
and a physical design from a business plan or a business workshop with
users.  If you have particular target DBMS environment like DB2 or
Oracle that is fine...but your ability to design the data marts and work
with OLAP and extraction specialists a must.  Must have at least three
successfull projects completed in data warehousing.

2. OLAP Specialist:

Ability to work with the Senior data warehouse architect and design
reporting apps feeding of the data mart design.  Must understand both
data mart design and OLAP Reporting tools.  Knowledge of Mictrostrategy
is important.

3. Extraction Specialist:
You must be fully conversant with Extraction technology and data mart
design.  Knowledge of Informatica tools essential.

Email or fax your CV for attention:

Fax:  +41 61 272 11 57

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