AP PRO versus Western Digital

AP PRO versus Western Digital

Post by T. Smi » Thu, 10 Oct 1996 04:00:00

We tried to install AP/Pro on a Western Digital Harddisk. This Harddisk has a view Bad
Sectors. During installation Pick does give some error messages (bad sectors). When Pick
trys to lock the ABS Pick gives a monitor error message and comes with the system
de*. Our dealer thinks that the reason of these problems could be the energy server
of our Compaq deskpro. So we have three possible reasons now:

1. AP/Pro is not compatible with Western Digital Harddisks.
2. The bad sectors are the reason of these problems.
3. The energy server is de troublemaker.

Now we are waiting on a new harddisk, then we are going to disable the energy saver.

If someone has experience with this kind of problems or if anyone has suggestions please
let me know.

Thanks in Advance,

Tinus Smit