Memo field in SQL Server

Memo field in SQL Server

Post by Wayn » Fri, 11 Oct 2002 21:28:58

Damn im dumb

A memo field in SQL Server 2000 is called text.

Several knowledgebase articles talk about a 'SQL Server
Memo' field  but of cause there is no such thing... its
really called a 'SQL Server Text' field

Seems Microsoft is just as dumb as me and are not sure
what its called themselves!

Thanks anyway guys!


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>Can anyone suggest the correct way to have a memo field
>in a SQL server table

>THe varchar is limmited to 8000 characters which is far
>to small for a text memo field. Also i keep getting
>errors when trying to define the realionsips in the
>diagrams. errors like the row is 10240 characters but
>maximum is 8000 characters for the row.

>There does not seem to be a datatype simmilar to memo in
>Access and the image datatype does not work as a text

>Any advice would be apreciated.



1. Converting VFP memo fields to SQL Server text fields

Our VFP application makes rather liberal use of memo fields. For example,
we have an objects table with 25 memo fields in it. We're now attempting
to upsize this application to SQL Server. I see that there are two
datatypes for handling character strings in SQL Server that might be

1. varchar -- for text strings up to 255 characters

2. text -- for handling variable length text strings; a mimimum of 2K is
allocated for each string

It would appear that the text datatype is the best for our application
because the length of the text strings entered is highly variable. But the
prospect of having records that are a minimum of 50K (25 fields * 2K)
looks like real bad news.

I've been thinking about creating a single text field and placing all the
character string contents in it. In other words, I'd concatenate all the
memo fields' contents together and place them after an index/jump table of
some sort. Before I go to this extreme, though, I was wondering if anyone
here had any other better ideas. Is there some sort of technique that I'm

Geoff LeBlond
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2. Let's hope this doesn't become a trend...

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