D3/Linux - D3-to-Linux communication to print spooler

D3/Linux - D3-to-Linux communication to print spooler

Post by Gordon Durne » Wed, 17 Apr 2002 23:50:50

I have successfully created a bash script to convert printer output to
HTML, but I need a way to communicate to the script the D3 user that
created the report.

The shared printer is started this way:

startshp 99,99,0,p87,lp.unix,(/usr/local/bin/d3_print_to_html) (s

The bash script contains the following (code is simplified here):


DATETIME=`date +"%Y%m%d%H%M%S"`

cat >>$TEXT_FILE

echo "<PRE>"                                         >>$HTML_FILE
cat $TEXT_FILE | sed "s/^L/\<\/PRE\>\<HR\>\<PRE\>/g" >>$HTML_FILE
echo "</PRE>"                                        >>$HTML_FILE

Now, all I need is a way to communicate the D3 user name to the bash
script associated with print queue 99.  That way I can (a) put each
file into a separate directory for each user and (b) send email to
that user that the file is ready.  [Eventually I will put all this
stuff into a MySQL database with PHP code to build web pages to view
and manipulate the print files.]

I have tried something like this in the bash script:
    USER_NAME=`who am i`  (or   who -m)
but this returns nothing.  Is there a separate Linux user that runs
the spooler stuff -- or should the user from 'who' be the Linux user
that started this print job???

I have a large amount of legacy RPL and BASIC code that I have to
support and really can't change every program.  I'm hoping I can use
this method and simply change the default printer to 99 (with
"SP-ASSIGN F99" in the startup).

Any ideas how to pass data to Linux with minimal (if any) PICK code

Trying to be truly paperless,
Gordon Durnell


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