Teradata ODBC calls require DBC authority?

Teradata ODBC calls require DBC authority?

Post by Steve Humme » Tue, 11 Nov 1997 04:00:00


>One of my customers is unable to retrieve any data from her
>NCR Teradata server using my tool unless she uses a login
>to the server that has DBC authority; which her login does not.
>Apparently this is a high level of authority within the
>Teradata system, which most users will not have.



I checked with our engineering organization as a follow-up to your post.
Here is the scoop from them:

"The information required to service the ODBC catalog functions (SQLTables,
SQLColumns, etc.) is kept in the Teradata data dictionary (i.e. the DBC
database). The user is only required to have SELECT (read) privilege, which
is the default, so the privilege must have been revoked. For example to
obtain information about tables in a database, the view DBC.Tables may be

"Since the user doesn't have read privilege for the views in the data
dictionary, the ODBC driver can't access the data that is normally obtained
for ODBC catalog function calls. Teradata provides access to limited
information though the use of limited system views. The names of these
limited systems views are followed with the character "X", so for example
the limited view for DBC.Tables would be DBC.TablesX.

"Through the setup for the Teradata ODBC driver, a user can specify the use
X Views during the handling of catalog functions for cases when the user
doesn't have access to the standard system views.

"CAVEAT:  These tables are optional in Teradata, so the user must first make
sure the system has been configured to support X Views. The use of X Views
may be slower."

Hope this helps.

Steve Hummel
Product Management
NCR Parallel Systems, San Diego


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