FileMaker newsgroup

FileMaker newsgroup

Post by Xavier Lescalie » Sun, 21 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Dear FileMaker users,

The results of the official vote procedure for the creation of the

There were 145 YES votes and 14 NO votes, for a total of 159 valid votes.
There were 5 abstains.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the improvement of the communication
between FileMaker users by voting Yes or by posting their comments on the
news.groups newsgroup during the voting period !

We finally have our own official Usenet newsgroup in the Big 8 hierarchy !


Xavier Lescalier,
Proponent of the comp.databases.filemaker.

Note: To reach the COMP.DATABASES.FILEMAKER, re-initialize the newsgroups
list of your newsreader. If it still doesn't appear, send a request to your
ISP or Network Administrator to add it to their newsserver.