Post by Edoardo Charb » Sun, 29 May 1994 03:23:35

I'd like to obtain information on the Superstars data-base.
Anything (papers, general info, company/university responsible for
the project) will do. Thnaks


ps. please don't reply to me but to the following address:


1. Oracle Superstars

4 month contract

Need : 2 Oracle Superstars
Contract only

Oracle Technical Superstars with Financials applications experience,
Developer 2000, PL/SQL and C++.

Please contact me:

Fax: 864-228-9279
Direct: 1-888-451-9791

Ask for Christina

2. benifit of roles

3. US-NATIONWIDE-SUPERSTAR Oracle Benefits Lead Consultant

4. SQL*Net for Windows NT 4.0

5. Superstars

6. default value current date