Windows .EXE run problem

Windows .EXE run problem

Post by Marek Pa » Thu, 16 Feb 1995 23:44:23

I have a FPW 2.5b .EXE which causes two separate problems when I attempt to run
it. The first is that the program displays a maximized foxpro window which then
changes to the correct size, and on the machine on which the software was
developed, it won't run at all, it simply displays the maximised foxpro window and
then quits back to program manager. Any ideas anyone ?

1. Fix for Windows setup.exe not running

There have been some reports here and there that some people were not able
to run the Windows installation for the Beta 2 SQL Server JDBC driver. When
you try to run setup.exe, nothing would happen and the install would never

We tracked this down to a bad download on one of the servers somewhere, and
corrected the problem, so this should not be happening anymore. We have
already confirmed that several machines that were previously not working
can now install Beta 2 successfully. In the testing I have done, if you get
a bad file, it's 5,251KB in size, whereas the good download is 5,245KB.

Sarah Parra
Microsoft Developer Support

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