thesis on data mining

thesis on data mining

Post by Alberto Ciavarell » Fri, 28 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I am an italian student and finishing my studies in economics.
Finally i've decided to write my thesis on data mining, but during last
month i understood that the more i read about DM the more i switch
towards classic ways to data analysys.
The real problem is, I think, that is very difficult making DM in
practice. I don't want to do just a theoric book! I am using the S.A.S.
System but i do not think it is real DM.
Can someone suggest me what i have to do my data (survey on van
buyers)(i need just an example to develop) to be able to write the words
"Data Mining" in my index?
Thanks in advance.
Alberto Ciavarella.

PS: Sorry for my English.


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