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> I have problem accessing from Access my tables present in  Ingres II Solaris
> server.
> The problem arise when the tables have a primary key with more that 6 fields.
> Here below there is the trace from ODBC with the error :

> MSACCESS        7b:99 EXIT  SQLExecute  with return code -1 (SQL_ERROR)
>   HSTMT               0x091234a8

>   DIAG [S1000] [CA][Ingres ODBC Driver][Ingres]optimizer ran out of
>     memory before generating execution plan (4)

> I've updated the opf_memory parameter until 50.000.000 but the error persist.

> What can i try to do ?

ACCESS has a reputation (ahem) for generating queries that include a lot
of "fluff" for queries on tables with multiple indexes.

You could try writing the SQL yourself and using a "pass through" query -
which essentially tells access to hand the query off to the server and not
to play with it.


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