upsizing vfp table to SQL 7.0 newbe question

upsizing vfp table to SQL 7.0 newbe question

Post by Carl Stewa » Mon, 18 Dec 2000 02:32:52

First time using vfp 6.0 upsizing wizard to add a table to SQL Server
7.0 (on web host Interland) at step 8 comes the following message:
"The Upsizing Wizard could not set the SQL Server 7.0 database to
proper compatibility level for upsizing."
Help... TIA
Carl Stewart

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I have two programs running well which run our company.  Both are written in
VFP6.  I also have SBS4.5 which has SQL7 included but have no real
experience with SQL.  I am considering upsizing the databases from VFP to
SQL7 and using the VFP code as a front-end to the SQL data.  Will I see a
speed difference in this design?  Will I need to make major code changes to
access the SQL data instead of the VFP data?

We have a dual-processor P2/400 with 512M running Exchange Server, NT4, IIS,
Proxy Server, and soon to be SQL Server.  I believe this is a good
configuration and we won't see any speed degradations because of the dual
processors and the relatively high amount of RAM.  Am I correct in this

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