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Hello world

I'm want to show a graphic (diagramm) in a mask.spr
So I create a Query with the output to graph.
The '' Wizzard starts and I got a qrygraph.dbf file.

When I start the gengraph wizzard from the 'befehls-fenster'
        DO SHOWGRPH IN GENGRAPH.APP WITH "c:\fox\qrygraph.dbf",1,"test"
the Diagramm is shown in a window "test" correctly.

When I start the gengraph wizzard in my mask.spr
        DO SHOWGRPH IN GENGRAPH.APP WITH "c:\fox\qrygraph.dbf",1,"test"

foxpro says that the procedure SHOWGRPH can't be found.
The envioment variable (_gengraph) is set correctly and
the window titled "test" is defined before.
'do (_gengraph)' also works fine in the same mask.

It seems that the compiler dosn't find the procedure
Dos anyone know what's wrong here ?
Can anyone send me an example how to use a diagramm in a mask?

thanks in advance..

please answer to:  



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