Hypermodel/nonstandard DBMS benchmark

Hypermodel/nonstandard DBMS benchmark

Post by Andreas Schue » Sat, 29 Feb 1992 01:36:29

Two years ago, I came across the hypermodel benchmark of Arne Berre,
T. Lougenia Anderson and Moira Mallison for non-standard database
management systems. In my opinion it's the best benchmark I have
heard of for CAD-, hypertext- and software-engineering-DBMS. But up
to now I have only found two two year old articles containing descriptions
of hypermodel benchmark evaluations for

        GemStone (Servio Logic),
        Vbase 1.0 (Ontologic),
        PCTE V10.4 (Emeraude).

I'm looking for

        * other proposals of non-standard database system benchmarks
          (with exception of the Cattell-benchmark)
        * any new hypermodel benchmark results for the above mentioned
          systems or any other kind of (non-standard/object-oriented) DBMS.

Thank you very much for any responses to this question,

        Andy Schuerr
        RWTH Aachen
        Ahornstr. 55
        D-5100 Aachen (Germany)


Hypermodel/nonstandard DBMS benchmark

Post by Eliot Mo » Sun, 01 Mar 1992 13:26:30

>>>>> Schuerr) said:

Andreas> I'm looking for
Andreas> * other proposals of non-standard database system benchmarks (with
Andreas> exception of the Cattell-benchmark)
Andreas> * any new hypermodel benchmark results for the above mentioned
Andreas> systems or any other kind of (non-standard/object-oriented) DBMS.

Unfortunately, I know of no further hypermodel benchmark results that have
been performed and made available. We are trying to get the Hypermodel
benchmark coded up as a measure of our object store prototype, but it has many
tests, etc., and takes considerable effort to build. As for additional
benchmarks, I know of none except the distributed (client-server) benchmark
presented at the 1990 VLDB conference (citation below). Pelase post (or email
me) if you find anything more ....                              Eliot Moss

  crossref =    "vldb90",
  author =      "David J. DeWitt and Philippe Futtersack and David Maier and
  Fernando Velez",
  title =       "A Study of Three Alternative Workstation-Server Architectures
  for Object Oriented Database Systems",
  pages =       "107--121"


  key = "VLDB",
  title =       "Proceedings of the Six*th International Conference on Very
  Large Data Bases",
  booktitle =   "Proceedings of the Six*th International Conference on Very
  Large Data Bases",
  year =        1990,
  publisher =   "Morgan Kaufmann",
  address =     "Brisbane, Australia",
  month =       aug


                J. Eliot B. Moss, Assistant Professor
                Department of Computer Science
                Lederle Graduate Research Center
                University of Massachusetts
                Amherst, MA  01003


1. Looking for HyperModel benchmark

I am looking for a copy of the source for the HyperModel Benchmark.
The paper I have (reference below) states that the source (presumeably
in Smalltalk) is available from the third author (Moira Mallison) but
does not give any means of contact (other than partial snail-mail

If you have a copy, know where one is or know where (or are) one of
the authors, please give me a jingle by replying to this message.  The
authors affiliations at the time were: Servio, Center for Industrial
Research in Oslo, Tektronix, Portland State U and Mentor Graphics

Please reply by email as I don't regularly read all the groups to
which this is posted.  Anyone interested in this same info can mail me
direct or I will post if there is alot of interest.

AUTHOR = "T. Lougenia Anderson and Ame J. Berre and Moira Mallison
          and Harry H. Porter and Bruce Schneider",
TITLE = "The {HyperModel} benchmark",
BOOKTITLE = Proceedings of the Conference on Extending Database Technology",
SERIES = {LNCS 416},
PUBLISHER = "Springer Verlag",
MONTH = mar,
YEAR = 1990,
PAGES = "317--331"

Thanks in advance for your time,

ato de, |m        -- Note: This method actually does something completely
                     ridiculous but it doesn't matter what it does anyways
                     so it's ok.                  -- method comment by ...

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