Dynamic use of Frame/Field Templates...?

Dynamic use of Frame/Field Templates...?

Post by Pat McGibbo » Wed, 08 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Hi folks,

I am adapting a W4GL v2 frame to run in OpenRoad and I have a situation
where the old code resets the appearance of a whole stack of fields,
changing outline widths, and stuff like that, which cannot be achieved
via a simple mode switch.

Is there any way of using frame templates dynamically to achieve the
same result with less sweat?

The sort of thing I am thinking of is to have a number of frame
templates each with the appropriate field styles set (or even sets of
field styles within a single template) and be able to switch all my
fields in one go, in the same way that I would change lots of field
biases with a single mode switch.


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1. OpenRoad: Dynamic use of field templates?

Funny how a useful new feature generates a requirement which
makes you feel that the feature is, well... great, but there is something

The new field templates in OpenRoad are very useful but it would be great
if they could work dynamically: if they could be bound with a frame
not only at edit time but also at run time.  

Take a real-life example.  I have an application with about 150 user
frames.  About 120 of them all have standard controls: same set of fields,
mostly buttons, doing the same sort of work times 120.  Obviously, we
have a field template which is included in all these frames at edit time.

In the current implementation of templates, we have the familiar story of
one change needing to be propagated 120 times.  The ideal would be some
way of linking with the field template at run time, or at least having some
pre-processing facility which included it during image build. (By the way,
the new pre-processing facility goes part way but obviously it only handles
script.  This new feature is supremely useful and is a must on any feature

We can dynamically create most of the system classes and attach their
instances to the current running frame (via the create() method). But these
instances are created from scratch (the duplicate() method repeats something
that has already been created). There is no easy way of using the component
catalogue as a kind of dynamic library.  There is a CompSource object
but that only takes frames, procedures and user classes as objects.

It's interesting to note that the OpenRoad developers saw this problem and
tried to solve it.  If you look at the OpenRoad on-line help under Templates,
you'll see a reference to a utility called ReconcileApp in the Architect
product. I guess you would run it against your application and all
template references would be refreshed.  Not exactly dynamic, but it's a

I wonder whether we'll see this in OpenRoad 3.5?

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