Composite Keys

Composite Keys

Post by Dinesh Hospet » Fri, 20 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Is it possible to implement a Btrieve database with a composite key
consisting of 3 data elements? I am interested in developing with
Btrieve 6.15 and would like any suggestions.

Thanks in Advance


Composite Keys

Post by Danie Dio » Fri, 20 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Yes you can.

You have just to define keys with multi-segment

Ex:    No            6    string------segment  2-----
          Name     15   String                                 |
          Date         4   integer-----segment 0-------->key0 (Date_Time_no)
          Filler        10  string                                  |
          time          4   integer------segment 1-----


1. Key construction with composite Keys

I am building a database that is making use of composite keys.  To insert
data, and in the process creating keys, I am using stored procs with code
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    <blah criteria>




            <blah criteria>




I added this loop so that in the rare case that another transaction updated
the table after the 2nd select and before the 3rd, the stored proc would
automatically retry to create a key and insert the data.  Do I even need
this loop?  Will SqlServer's locking mechanism protect me from returning the
same 'max(Table.KeyPart) + 1)' twice?  I know it will if I set the
transaction type to Serialized, but, as I understand it, that would impact
perf considerablebly.  I'd like to keep the Transaction type as Read
Committed (default?).

Also, should I put that first select statement in the loop?


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