access Same IRecordset with diff process.

access Same IRecordset with diff process.

Post by misa » Fri, 08 Nov 2002 09:32:07

  i have an com exe server with a property
IRecordset, two VB clients, save and load data into IRecordset,  but when
one client
succeed save some int value into IRecordset,
the other  could not load these int
value. why?
  how can i ?
  i think that diffrent process coundn't access one IRecordset , am i right?
  any advice will be appreciated!

1. Multi-Threaded Application accessing diff Databases under diff instances


I have written an application that collects performance data from
different databases under different DB2 instances (on same or
different nodes) using DB2 Client API. But I am running into some
issues here.

What I have seen is that you need an attachment to the DB2 Instance
(using sqleatin) to access any Database under it. So if I want to
access databases under the same instance that can be achieved but if I
want to access another database not under the same Instance, then the
application has to detach from the previous attachment and then attach
to the other instance in which case the attachment to the previous
Instance is lost making the databases under the old Instance

To solve the above problem I found something called Multiple Thread
Database Access:

This API has calls like sqleSetTypeCtx, sqleBeginCtx, sqleAttachCtx

Though I have not used this part of the API yet, but as to what I
understand about these calls, these calls are again to assist
applications which want to access the same DB for
inserts/updates/select etc. and not for applications which want to
access different DBs under the same or different instances.(on same or
different nodes)

Is it a limitation with DB2 that a process can be attached to a single

Has anyone tried this kind of an application?

If there is a way out of this, Can someone help me with it?


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