Decisions, decisions......

Decisions, decisions......

Post by dant » Fri, 28 Oct 1994 13:48:33

I need to choose a database program for windows. Rapid file for dos
is what is currently being used. There will be alot of printing
running while continuing to work on other files. Compatability with
other formats of database software is important.  Also I need to match
the names and telephone numbers in the files with current phone
listings on CD-ROM and purge the names which are bad numbers.

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1. Decisions, decisions: MySQL, mSQL or PostgreSQL???

I'm working on a pet project running under Linx. I need a database
server that's pretty fast put that will be able to recover in case of
screw ups. I believe that PostgreSQL supports transactions but MySQL
and mSQL don't. I've heard tha\t they're both faster than PostgreSQL,
biut is the difference much? Is there anyway to get the effect of
transactions on MySQL or mSQL in another way.

Excuse my ignorance - I know sod all about databases.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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