Ingstop -force twice

Ingstop -force twice

Post by Feargal Costell » Fri, 23 Aug 2002 19:55:14

What would be the affect of issuing a second ingstop -force -kill within a
script, if my original ingstop had not yet returned or appeared to be hung

1. Using ingstop -force once a week

We have some cron jobs executing application shutdown, ingstop,
ingstart, optimizedb and sysmod once a week.  However, the ingstop
doesn't work due to orphaned process keeping a database session open
after the application is shutdown.  It pretty much defeats the purpose
to have cron perform these automated weekly maintenance processes if
these orphaned sessions cause the processes to abort.  We thought of
executing an "ingstop -force" instead of just an ingstop but are
concerned that ingstop -force may cause additional problems.  How safe
is it to use this command once a week and what impacts will we see?

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