r:base file locking using PC-NFS

r:base file locking using PC-NFS

Post by stanley schenk » Sun, 02 Sep 1990 21:49:00

We are using r:base for dos network unlimited using a Sun 3/280S running SunOS
4.0.1 as a file server.  We are attempting to implement record locking with
a TCP/IP protocol.  We have attempted to use FTP and PC-NFS version 3.0.1.
We are aware that r:base is only supported on Novell and 3+(PLUS) networks,
however, after talking with engineers at Microrim and Sun, we feel that there
should not be a technical reason stopping us from implementing this.
To date we have been unsuccessful.  If anyone has any experience with this problem,
please contact me either by reply mail or via voice.

Stan Schenker
voice (508)-440-3464


1. PC-NFS LOCKING-Funktions

We are using a CLIPPER 87 Application in a PC-NFS network with a
SUN386i as a fileserver. The database file are stored on the file-server.
The Clipper application use file- and record locking funtions accessing
the database. On parallel access from different PC's the database
corrupts ( ^Z in the dbf-file or wrong pointers ).

Is this a bug in CLIPPER or in PC-NFS ?

Has anyone experience using file- and record--locking from PC-NFS ?

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