Hyperion--read locks

Hyperion--read locks

Post by Maneesh H disaw » Fri, 18 Jan 2002 15:09:27

Dear All,
   i'm using Hyperion Integration server(DB2 OLAP server 7.1)
  and Oracle 8.1.7 as backend database. i've created
 my repository also in oracle database under same login.
 Now in the Integration server-desktop i'm able to create new
 models but get this message on saving them.
 " model open even without read locks"
 and then subsequently whenever i try to open the model, i get
 the error "Failed to set a read lock for OLAP model 'DMAN160102'"

  i'm not able to create a metaoutline also..
 if anybody has encountered the error before, pls help
 any suggestions are welcome.

 thanx in advance

 Maneesh H Disawal
 Sonata Software Ltd