records search methods in Btrieve 5.0 for DOS data files via C++ library

records search methods in Btrieve 5.0 for DOS data files via C++ library

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I was asked to develop a function a-la "web search" for making a search by several keywords in the large Btrieve data file. Btrieve version 5.0 for DOS. Sequential comparison of each record's 3 desired fields with each of the search keywords is not acceptable because it takes longer than it is required. Btrieve operations GetEqual, GetGreater etc. do not give the desired result. If anybody was dealing with this problem please contact me and I'll explain the situation more precisely. I also would be grateful for any advices or references to Internet sources.

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I'm looking for a similar product that allows access to PDOX 5.0 tables from DOS

Any help greatly appreciated.


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