multiple screen, multiple table screen sets

multiple screen, multiple table screen sets

Post by Alexandra F Richard » Thu, 02 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I am working on developing a heart transplant database in our hospital's
department of surgery.  I am using Foxpro2.6 for the Macintosh.
There are few patients in the database but there is a vast amount of data
for each patient.  For example, we keep a
detailed medical history, demographic information, diagnostic
information, etc.  Thus, we need to use our database a bit differently
from the usual way:  instead of flipping around from record to record and
entering or viewing data, we need to enter or view several screens worth
of information for a single patient and we don't usually need to flip
through different patients' data at one time.

Right now, there are several dbf files with patient information.  I want
to create one big screen set with which displays information from multiple
tables.  Thus, in going from one screen to another, I need to be able to
locate the correct patient's record and display the information in a
screen.  I can get Foxpro to go to the correct table and locate the
record, but it will not display the data in the new screen.  Also, there
seems to be a limit of about six on the number of screens I can string
together in one set.

I would greatly appreciate any friendly advice you can give me.
Thanks in advance,

Alexandra Richards, Columbia-Presbyterian Department of Surgery.


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Probably a daft question BUT:

Anyone tried using multiple screens to one screen set with the codebook
I just noticed that if record changes are made using the menu with any
but the first screen active - all is well - ie. the record updates and
the original screen remains selected.

HOWEVER, if the same is done via the toolbar then again all is ok right
up to the point where the screen set read is activated (again)
At this time the read seems to go crazy and eventually kills it'self -
the foundation read takes over and the first screen in the screen set is
made the active one - very anoying !

Anyone had similar problems or know how to make the toolbar return to the
originally active screen ?



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