P.SQL 2000 Workstation slow starting up

P.SQL 2000 Workstation slow starting up

Post by jbu.. » Thu, 16 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I upgraded from P.SQL 7 Workstation to P.SQL 2000 Workstation and
noticed that 2000 takes much longer to startup than 7 did. Just opening
up Control Center takes 10-15 seconds and I see the same delay in my
applications. V7 came up almost instantaneously. Anybody have any ideas
on this?

Jamie Burks

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1. PSQL 2000 Workstation Engine slow under Win95

Hallo Btrv list,

I have a win32 Console TestApp made to test my btr api (once made under NW)
which is linked with w3btrv7.lib und Windows OS.

So far all seems to work.

Under Winnt 4.0 if w3dbsmgr.exe is already loaded the
performance to read 5.x/6.15 files are very good but
under Win95 it is very very slow it doesn't matter if w3dbsmgr.exe
is already loaded or not.

I use the BTRVID function to do the access to the btrieve files.

Must I use w3dbsmgr.exe Workstation Engine in each case to access
5.x/6.15 files too,  or is there another/older/faster way under win95 and NT

Which DLL's do I really need nearby w3dbsmgr.exe.
There are so much files in the pvsw\bin dir.
I don't want to do each time the hole installation routines and
have much stuff in the registry nearby.

In former days I remember that only bti.ini and some dll's like
wbtrv*.dll have been enough to access btrieve files.

Is this not possible with the new version of w3btrv7.dll/wbtrv32.dll.

It also doesn't change anything when I use
BTRVINIT ("/m:64 /p:4096 /f:99 /u:8 /t:c:\\temp\\btrieve.trn"));  for
BTRVSTOP () fro stopping.

Many Thanks for each help.

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