FoxPro 2.5 DOS vs Win2000

FoxPro 2.5 DOS vs Win2000

Post by natasa » Wed, 11 Dec 2002 00:21:19

Hi Chuck,

I just checked your post on dbforum. Did you manage to migrate FoxPro
2.5 application under Windows2000 OS and network?

Can you tell me some of experiences? (I|ve never worked with FoxPro
before, so it will take pretty much time to figure it out..)

Best regards

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FoxPro 2.5 DOS vs Win2000

Post by JFJ » Wed, 11 Dec 2002 05:39:04

We have used Foxpro for DOS 2.5 under Windows 2000 NTFS with no
significant problems. The only issue I have encountered is FOX2X takes
as much memory as it can get unless you give it a limit. I have tried to
limit it in the shortcut etc but no luck. The best way I've found is to
add this line to the config.fp file.
I think it means Foxpro will try to use 50% of the available memory with
a minimum of 4mb and a maximum of 16mb. From what I've read 16mb sounds
like a good number for Foxpro.

If you look at your task manager a process called NTVDM.EXE is the
program that has all the allocated memory. This must be one of the
programs resposible for emulating DOS (NT Vitrual DOS Machine,
just a guess)

One of our other techs found a way to limit the memory but it had to do
with copying and editting the Properties of the shortcut for cmd.exe. We
never did figure this one out and it meant fixing the shortcut on
everyones machine. I just wrote a complied quick basic program that
checked everyones config.fp before loading Foxpro.

After making this modification everything on our Windows 2000 machines
ran a lot smoother. I don't know if this makes any difference but we
also run on a Netware network.

Foxpro for DOS maybe a Dinosaur but it isn't dead yet.

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We will be migrating Win95/98 workstations to Windows 2000
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We have a few legacy FoxPro 2.5 DOS applications that we'd like to
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may not be compatible.

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