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I have little experiences with DDE.

How could I guarantee that
ddesetservice("haha", "DEFINE")
would return .f. when the service name "haha"
is already definied by another application?
My current solution is use flock() over a dbf
(like a semaphore).


1. Excel VB DDE to VC++ DDE server in NT

I don't know if this is the appropriate group for this question, but I've tried
everything and still can't figure it out:  I am trying to build a DDE connection
between an Excel VBasic client and a server written in VC++ 2.0, on Windows NT 3.5.
The Excel is 16 bit.

I have followed the exact procedure which is almost the same in several books,
I can get the connection up (DDEInitiate), execute stuff (DDEExecute), close
the connection (DDETerminate), but fail the requests (DDERequest).

The statement copied from the online help
        returnList = DDERequest(channelNumber, "mytopic")
seems to run fine on the C++ server, returns the right result, but I get an
"Error 2042" in 'returnList'.

The related C++ code at the DDE server site (in the DDE callback function, for the
XTYP_REQUEST message) is:
        HDDEDATA resultData = DdeCreateDataHandle(idInst, (LPBYTE)(LPCTSTR)result,
                result.GetLenth()+1, 0, hszAppName, CF_TEXT, 0);
        return resultData;

The only reasons I could see for this not to work are: mixing 32 bit DDE server with
the 16 bit version of Excel; the data type (I used CF_TEXT hoping that's the easiest
thing to do, since all I'm passing around is text).

Could anybody help?


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