Protected Access database totally visible via ODBC???

Protected Access database totally visible via ODBC???

Post by Jeff Stewar » Sat, 28 Jun 2003 06:47:15

I'm using PHP's odbc_* functions to access an Access database.  I've found
that unless I specify a -database password-, all attempts to read/write to
the database succeed, no matter what credentials I pass through via ODBC.
I've setup the database to have two users: Admin, and Tester, and I've set
the users' permissions and the permissions on their groups to what I want.
But I can odbc_connect() with a blank username and password and get all the
information I want out of the database.

Is this normal?

Jeff S.


1. Must open database with Access befor accessing it via ODBC

I have made some Web-pages with .idc and .htx,
it works fine as long as i have opened the database with Access on any
machine in the network.
But when i close the database in Access, i no longer can acces the database
via the .idc.-file from the Web-server.
I get error -1031 cant lock file.
Is there any way to work around this?
Perhaps a SQL-statement or some properties in the ODBC-driver.
Greatful for all help

email me
Bjorn Fredriksson

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