Books on Btrieve??

Books on Btrieve??

Post by Edzard Kol » Wed, 23 Feb 1994 00:10:13


The subject says it all...
I need some good book titles on Btrieve programming.
Thanks in advance,

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Edzard Kolks


Books on Btrieve??

Post by <AH.. » Wed, 02 Mar 1994 21:31:11

     This bounced when I tried to e-mail it.  Sorry for the noise ...

     I was just about to post a note asking about books on BTRIEVE
programming when I saw yours.  If you'll carbon-copy me in on anything
you find out, I'll do the same for you.

     I understand that there is only one book on programming BTRIEVE
listed in books in print and that the publisher won't discount it at
all.  So, very few bookstores stock it.  I haven't actually done a
search for the book yet.


                                  -Andrew Crawford