Post by Jordi Martine » Sat, 15 Sep 2001 20:55:15

Hi all

    Someone tell me that ADOX could be erased from ADO. Is this true?




Post by Jon Burch » Sat, 29 Sep 2001 07:45:24

Hi Jordi,

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by this question, but ADOX is
distributed with MDAC as well as ADO.  There is no way to install only ADO
without ADOX.  For more information, I suggest you check out  Good luck!

Jon Burchel
Microsoft Corp.

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I am trying to generate a VB program which analyses an existing MDB and writes the VB
source code necessary for creating the MDB from scratch using ADOX. I have hit the
following problem when looping through the Indexes collection of the Table object:

When you create a relationship (i.e. under Access) between 2 tables, an Index is created ,
but the index is *not* visible to Access.  ADOX *does* see this index but the ADOX.Index
object does not have a property for distinguishing between an Index which was created in
order to establish a relationship between tables.

Example:  I visually create the following relationship under Access:

Customers.ID   ----- 1:n -------> Orders.Cust_ID   (this will create the invisible index!)

Under VB, when I loop through the oCat.Tables("Orders").Indexes collection, I will find an
index called "CustomersOrders", kindly supplied by Access behind the scenes.

Using the Indexes collection I need a way of sifting out indices which were the result of
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