looking for Observer (OODB)

looking for Observer (OODB)

Post by David Nu » Thu, 02 Aug 1990 21:29:00

I am interested in getting a copy of Observer (OODB from Brown U.).  Can
anyone give me information on who to contact or how to purchase?

Please send any information to:    

Dave Nunn   (214) 995-4885


looking for Observer (OODB)

Post by David Nu » Thu, 02 Aug 1990 20:38:00

Thanks for the quick responses.  Stanley Zdonik responded that Observer
can be obtained by writing:

        Kathy Krause
        Brown U.
        Dept. of Computer Science
        P.O. Box 1910
        Providence, RI 02912

She will send a license agreement which needs to be filled out
and returned to her.


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