SCO UNIX Perf Tuning

SCO UNIX Perf Tuning

Post by Joe Park » Sun, 05 Mar 1995 01:24:13

Help!  We are running an SCO Foxbase+ application on SCO UNIX, running on
a Pentium 90MHz with 60 users.  

We are occassionally having severe performance problems on this system.  Does
anyone have any suggestions for parameter settings that may help us to solve
this problem?

Are there any performance monitoring utilities available for SCO Unix that
will recommend parameter tuning as a result of continuous monitoring?


SCO UNIX Perf Tuning

Post by David G. Osl » Thu, 09 Mar 1995 01:10:01

Can you give us a little more info about your setup?  How much RAM,
how many and what kind of hard drives, are you linked via TCP/IP
to your users, and are they running terminal emulators?  This might
help narrow down the source of your problems.  I am running a large database
app on a 486DX-66 (FoxBase+ under SCO Unix) for about 24 users and
I found that disk buffering was a real bottleneck.  The following is a good
formula to use:
        NBUF = Total Ram / 10
        NHBUF = (NBUF / 4) rounded up to nearest power of two (1024,2048..)

This will usually work well if your problem is disk related.  Are you getting
an almost constant drive active state when your performance dies off?  This
fixed that problem for me.
Good Luck,


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