ODBC Errors

ODBC Errors

Post by day.. » Fri, 23 Feb 2001 04:29:42

This seems to be a popular question, but I haven't found the answer.
Does anyone know ??

When accessing databases using ODBC connection frim a web server the
error ....

Server error: Unable to retrieve the list of record sources from a
using the connection string:

DSN=Curry2000;DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}.

The following error message comes from the database driver software;
it may
appear in a different language depending on how the driver is

Source: ADO
Number: -2146824584 (0x800a0e78)

.... is returned. I've trawlled Technet and applied all of the "fixes"
from the Knowledge base and yet the error persists. If I create the DB
within the Web it works, but as soon as I try to access a DB that
exists outside the web the same error occurs.

I'm begining to think that Microsoft just never tested the product
(Frontpage 2000) !

Any help is appriciated.