univ ingres front-end wanted?

univ ingres front-end wanted?

Post by Tom W » Wed, 24 Nov 1993 06:17:41

Does anyone know of or have developed a front-end (windowed)
to univeristy INGRES 8.9? I am running NetBSD .9 UNIX currently.
I am looking for a simple way to build data entry screens.

Also there's a SQLPERL library for the commerical version of INGRES
has anyone ported it to xxxBSD?



1. INGRES REL 6.1 front-end,back-ends, or add-ons to QBF and RBF

We have just purchased INGRES REL 6.1.

We are looking for anyone who has developed and front-ends, back-ends,
or add-ons to QBF or RBF to make them a little more usable and or user
friendly to the end user. ( No matter how small and insignificant they
seem I would be interested in hearing about them )

Please email all responses:

Bryan M. Beck                                       Resource Systems
UUCP: osu-cis!resource!bryan                        Suite 390 2545 Farmers Drive

VOICE: (614) 764-7800                               FAX: (614) 764-7850

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