Please recommand some newsgroups about spatial dbms and spatiotemporal dbms

Please recommand some newsgroups about spatial dbms and spatiotemporal dbms

Post by Neona » Fri, 02 Nov 2001 17:48:09


   I am very interested in spatiotemp*database and spatial database. But I

am a new hand and have a lot of questions .Could you please recommand me some

nice newsgroup about these.

   thank you!!


1. extensible DBMS with ADT of spatial type is really spatial DBMS ?


   I want to implement a prototype of spatial DBMS . However ,i found ,a lot of

DBMS supporting spatial data type is implemented by this way :  define an

abstract data type(ADT) of spatial type  on the base of extensible DBMS. But i

don't think this is  a real spatial DBMS , because the defination of ADT is

defined by user ,not implemented by DBMS itself, While a real spatial DBMS is

implemented by DBMS itself. That's ,for the so called sptial DBMS based on

extensible DBMS ,the spatial type is implemented in the level of application;

while for the real spatial DBMS ,spatial type is implemented  in the level of


    Dear readers, I am a new hand in this realm. Is what i said correct?

Would you please give me your opinion. Of course ,any other opinion about

the implemention of spatial DBMS is welcome!

    thank you!!

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