referencing more than one table

referencing more than one table

Post by Dag » Fri, 28 Sep 2001 08:19:46

Is it possible, in postgresql, to have a row reference more than one
Example, I have three tables, A, B and C which all contain a column
'name', which is the primary key in A and B, and there are no duplicate
names between A and B.  Is it possible to have some kind of foreign key
on table C that makes sure that a 'name' appears in either A or B, or do
I somehow have to write my own triggers and functions to handle this?



1. "ON DELETE CASCADE" references more than one table

Hi All,

I have a table

CREATE TABLE address (..., ownerId int, ...)

I alse have many other tables, such as employee, contractor, vender.... All
of these table can own an address.

What is the best way to delete an address if I delete an employee or contractor?

I can not use

FOREIGN KEY (customerId) REFERENCES customer (id)

on address, because I can only reference customer, not employee or contractor.

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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