CASE, apology

CASE, apology

Post by Sandor Nieuwenhui » Fri, 02 Nov 1990 13:56:00

After my posting of a news item in a few newsgroups, I have had a
rather insulting reaction. It seems that the comp.sys.* newsgroups are
not meant for commercial product announcements, although I have seen
more than once that companies use it for this purpose. Maybe this
reaction had to do with the first line:

"WESTMOUNT TECHNOLOGY, one of the leading CASE tool vendors"

which is probably not very modest. Maybe it was because of the length
of the message, it seems that I should have posted a short message in
the comp.sys.* newsgroups with a reference to comp.newprod. I'll
remember that.

We wanted to let specific users know about the availability of
professional CASE tools on their platforms. According to a few
reactions I already had, most users like to get this kind of

If I offended anyone I am truly sorry.

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