ObjectDRIVER under linux

ObjectDRIVER under linux

Post by Franck Lebastar » Tue, 23 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Hi everybody,

we plan to make ObjectDRIVER available under linux. So we are looking for a
free connectivity tool for this OS similar to ODBC on Windows NT.

Can anydody here help us to point at such a tool (for C/C++) ?

Thank you

[ ObjectDRIVER is our open object wrapper dedicated to relational databases
reusing. It is free. You can get it on our site at
http://www.inria.fr/cermics/dbteam/ObjectDriver/ .]


1. Announcing ObjectDRIVER 1.1 new release

               an Open Object Wrapper dedicated to
                   Relational Databases Reusing

ObjectDRIVER release 1.1 build 61 is now available for free download.
The distribution can be obtained from

ObjectDRIVER is our new powerful ODMG-Compliant Open Object Wrapper
dedicated to relational databases reusing. With ObjectDRIVER, a relational
database can be full-accessible (selection, insertion, deletion, update) as
an object database after that the object schema and its mapping on top of
the relational database have been defined. The object data can be queried
with OQL, the ODMG query language.

Adds and changes in this release (1.1.61):

- new ODMG-Compliant C++ binding.
- ODMG-Compliant Java binding revisited.
- types boolean, date, time, timestamp and interval supported.
- documentation updated and extended (new chapter on languages binding).
- Some bugs fixed:
 * Oracle authentication
 * transaction checkpoint for new persistent objects
 * transaction commit (commitAfterReading mode)
 * exception raised when the dbms to connect has no
  autocommit mode

Please visit the ObjectDRIVER site for more information:

The CERMICS Database Team.

Franck Lebastard        +33 (0)4 92 38 77 42

CERMICS Sophia Antipolis

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