Progress v7.3d and 7.3c

Progress v7.3d and 7.3c

Post by Ravindranath S. Desa » Tue, 09 Sep 1997 04:00:00

We are sometimes getting GPF's when running Progress 7.3D on windows 95
against a Progress 7.3C database.  When I downgrade to windows 3.1, the
problem goes away.

Anyone know what might be happening here?



1. ODBC and Progress V7.3c on Novell NLM

I'm having problems getting any sense from various ODBC drivers when trying
to access a Progress V7 on a Novell server that is using SPX as the
protocol. All the ODBCs I have seen seem to directed at TCP/IP
installations i.e. they mention host names and service names. From the
progress manuals I seem to have to start the Open Interface before I can
get anywhere.
Therefore has anyone managed this, and if so how?
Which ODBC have you used?
What startup parameters did you use on the server?
What connection parameters did you use on the ODBC driver config?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ian Parker

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