Embedded SQL and db servers

Embedded SQL and db servers

Post by Leslie Willi » Sat, 03 May 1997 04:00:00


I've looking into accessing customer records from a database (they're
currently text files :s ) and need some help.

I tried to stay away from databases at university so only have a little
experience with SQL (enough I think for the job in hand).  What I don't
have any experience with is embedded SQL and the different db servers out

We're not sure what db we're going to end up using, we have MS SQL server
and our customers have Oracle.  So (finally) my question is there any
difference in the way you use embedded SQL to access an Oracle server and a
MS SQL server?  I've read a little about the MS SQL server and couldn't see
any reference to embedded SQL access, can it handle it?

Any help, such as web pages/books to look at or snippets of code (C source
would be brilliant) would be very very gratefully received.

Thanks in advance.

Leslie Willis
 Speech Technology Unit


1. Generating word document files from embedded documents in Access or SQL Server DB.

My problem is :

I have an Access 2000 DB.
A table contains a field of type "OLE Data".
This field contains Microsoft Word's embedded documents.
What I want is to generate word documents for each of the record
programatically in VB. But not succeeded yet.
I also need to do it from SQL Server DB, as I have upsized my Access DB to
SQL Server and it is exported in an Image type of field. How can I generate
document files from this Access or SQL Server DB.

I tried to achieve it in 2 ways; first I tried:
Created a form, inserted a data control and an OLE control, bound it with
the required field.
When I run the VB program, it successfully opens the docudments from DB in
the control.
Then I tried to save the control data using "OLE1.SaveToFile" method to
generate a document.
It generated a document but unfortunately this document is not in the
correct MS Word format so not opening in Word.

and secondly I used Getchunk method but the result was same.

I hope you can understand my problem. I need a quick response. Thanks in
advance for help.



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