Pick64 to Mentor conversion.....NE1 done it?

Pick64 to Mentor conversion.....NE1 done it?

Post by Keyser Soz » Sat, 11 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Can anyone give me the details on converting from Pick64 to Mentor? Any
special switches?



1. Advice wanted on Mentor OS upgrade or conversion

I have a client running Pick Basic and the Mentor OS on an old NCR Unix box.
They have built a fairly extensive set of internal applications with Pick
Basic and they are now interested in upgrading the application and user
experience.  Visual Basic is the most likely target candidate, although a
browser-based application is also possible.  Most of my experience is with
relational databases, although I have dealt with multidimensional and object
DBs as well.  I am entirely new to the MV world.

The new OS will be Windows 2000.  I would prefer to move them to SQL Server
since their accounting system runs on it, the new application must be
tightly integrated with it, and the future of Raining Data appears to be a
bit murky at the moment, but leaving them on D3 or something similar is
still an option.  Since we will be rewriting the application anyway, if they
are ever going to change databases, now is the time.

Can anyone give me some insight on the possible upgrade paths?

How do I go about getting the data off of this box to begin with?

If I move to SQL Server, will some current version of an MV database
necessarily be part of the conversion process.

I suspect this is far from a new question for this newsgroup, so feel free
to refer me to some other online resources if it is too redundant.

Steve Coffee

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