Oracle Express and Sales Analyzer

Oracle Express and Sales Analyzer

Post by DBABi » Tue, 17 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Anyone with experience using these products?  I guess I'm looking for
showstoppers or a general feel for good or bad experiences....


1. Cleveland, OH - Oracle Developer w/Oracle Express, Oracle Sales Analyzer and/or Oracle Financial Analyzer.

MAVERICK COMPUTING, INC., a computer consulting company specializing in
Oracle has an immediate need for an Oracle Developer in Cleveland, Ohio.

This is a long term contract and qulaified candidates should have experience
with Oracle Expresss, Oracle Sales Analyzer and/or Oracle Financial

Please fax or email resumes attached as a word doc. to...

Stacee Edwards
Technical Recruiter
Maverick Computing, Inc.

1-888-8MAVINC ext.24
(503)248-0820 ext.24
Fax# (503)248-0821

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