Newbie:there's 2 bof&eof?

Newbie:there's 2 bof&eof?

Post by Han » Mon, 28 May 2001 23:16:08

I have recordsets returning from adodc object and put them on grid.
When i call moveprevious after movefirst the cursor on the grid disappear ( same
with movenext after movelast )
if i check the bof or eof two times then it will work. any idea? or better idea?
sampe : in cmd_click event
                        --> if rs.bof then
                            end if
                            if rs.bof then
                            end if

1. BOF & EOF

In reading MS's documentation BOF=EOF=True means there are no records
(using VB6, DAO 3.51).  Why then would they both be true with a record?
I am trying to count the records, which means I have to use MoveFirst
MoveLast, but can't if both BOF and EOF are true.  Is there an easier
way to get the count?  MS's tools are not so great.


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