Database trends past, present and future - need help

Database trends past, present and future - need help

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1. Database trends - past, present and future

Subject: Database trends past, present and future - need help
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If anyone out there can point me in the right direction on subject, e.g.,
books, articles from which I can learn and reference for my spring semester
course paper on Database Management Systems, it would be greatly
appreciated. I am particularly interested in how databases have evolved
over the years, statistics on transaction and volumes (e.g., in mid
fifties computers could barely handle KB's of data, whereas now they are
talking about terabytes(?) and accessed by 1000's of users simultaneously).
Also where do we go from here? Are there any limits in current silicon
and magnetic/optical storage technology? Current books I have seen (cover
ISAM, VSAM, IMS, Network, Relational, Object etc.) are very limited in
providing such statistics and trends. Appreciate ANY help!! TIA.

-  RP



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