info needed for Open Access

info needed for Open Access

Post by Josiah Poo » Wed, 22 Mar 1995 10:05:31

I am sending this query on behalf of a friend. If anybody who
can help him out, please reply directly to his account and NOT mine.

Could someone tell me who makes the software Open Access and how they
can be contacted?





1. Open Server info needed

The Situation:

I've inherited a design that was based on the erroneous idea that a Sybase
trigger could execute Unix OS commands. The idea was for the trigger to
notify a Unix process when information was placed in the database.

When this question comes up in comp.databases.sybase the response is along
the lines of "you need to write an Open Server application". I'm now being
asked to estimate the cost of doing this and need to become informed on the

The Question:

We've never written anything more than embedded SQL as part of a C++ based
application and know nothing about Open Server. Could someone give us an
overview of what it takes to write an Open Server application and whether
it would result in the above described functionality?


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