JDBC Driver type 4 for DB2 8.1

JDBC Driver type 4 for DB2 8.1

Post by Franco Lombard » Fri, 06 Jun 2003 01:58:51

I'm using type 4 JDBC driver (1.1.67) to access DB2 NT 8.1.

When I get an SQLException I can't retrive a meaningfull error
message, neither using the toString() method, nor using getMessage().
All I can get is something like
"DB2 SQL error: SQLCODE: -204, SQLSTATE: 42704, SQLERRMC: xyz"
Is it impossible to obtain something like
"Wrong statement: non existing table xyz"?





JDBC Driver type 4 for DB2 8.1

Post by pm3iinc-nospa » Fri, 06 Jun 2003 08:39:56

V8 FP 2

Full message text is not returned when using SQLException.getMessage()

By default, the DB2BaseDataSource.retrieveMessagesFromServerOnGetMessage
property is disabled. If you enable this property, all calls to the
standard JDBC SQLException.getMessage() invoke a server-side stored
procedure, which retrieves the readable message text for the error. By
default, the full message text is not returned to the client when a
server-side error occurs.

You can use the proprietary method DB2Sqlca.getMessage() to retrieve the
fully formatted message text. A call to the SQLException.getMessage()
method will start a unit of work only if
retrieveMessagesFromServerOnGetMessage is enabled. A call to the
DB2Sqlca.getMessage() method results in a stored procedure call, which
starts a unit of work. Prior to FixPak 1, the DB2Sqlca.getMessage()
method may throw an exception.



JDBC Driver type 4 for DB2 8.1

Post by Franco Lombard » Fri, 06 Jun 2003 17:56:09

Thanks a lot: it works fine.




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i am able to install db2 v8.1 on my  window 2000  machine. and use
type 4 driver which come with installation com.ibm.db2.jcc.DB2Driver,
i have a client try to start an app server on his machine and
connection to my machine which is db server to retrive data with

catalogConn = DriverManager.getConnection(Url, username, password);

the url is jdbc:db2://, but got below error,

CLI0616E Error opening socket.  

Explanation: Cannot open the socket to server, server may be down.

but if i using the same coding and start the app server on my machine,
i have no problem connect to database. why is that?

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