Table Limit with DB2 Connect to DB2 for OS/390

Table Limit with DB2 Connect to DB2 for OS/390

Post by Perry R Shind » Fri, 06 Jun 2003 05:29:15

In a COBOL program running on DB2 for OS/390 V7 we execute an SQL stmt
that references more than 15 tables - no problem.  We recently took a
similar statement and ran it thru an ODBC data source on a DB2 Client
(V7) and DB2 Connect V7 w/FP6) to the same set of tables in DB2 for
OS/390 V7 and promptly received an SQL0129N error message that states:

SQL0129N The statement contains too many table names (the maximum is

Explanation: The SQL statement contains toomany table names. A single
SQL statement can reference up to 15 tables. Each table in any view
referenced is included in this limit. The statement cannot be

User Response: Break the SQL statement into two or more simple
statements with 15 or fewer table references.  This message is only
applicable to Version 1.2
servers and earlier, and hosts accessed through DB2 Connect.

So my question is: Why does this inconsistency exist?  I thought both
DB2 Connect and DB2 for OS/390 are written to same SQL / DRDA spec.
Will this limit be increased with either DB2 Connect V8 or DB2 for
z/OS V8 ?  If not, what is the limiting product / architecture?

Thanks in advance.

Perry R. Shindle
Sr. Consultant
BearingPoint, Inc.
Harrisburg, PA


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