DB2 V8.1 Invalid private sort memory request

DB2 V8.1 Invalid private sort memory request

Post by Onno Ceele » Tue, 17 Jun 2003 16:54:54


I am getting an "Invalid private sort memory request" error in my
db2diag.log. I searched through the various knowledgebases and newsgroups
but couldn't find a note on this error.

2003-06-16-   Instance:DB2   Node:000
PID:2540(db2syscs.exe)   TID:2616   Appid:GA646471.C538.013B46071509
sort/list services  sqlsReservePrivateSpace Probe:10   Database:DB81

Invalid private sort memory request
0x493DC078 : 0x80000000                                 ...?

Version of both database and client is V8.1 FixPak 2 on Windows 2000 32-bits

My query is part of a stored procedure and consists of multiple joines
between tables, including two subqueries to two different GLOBAL TEMPORARY
TABLEs. The query contains an ORDER BY clause. I was not able to isolate the
problem to just a small portion of the query.

My DBM CFG settings regarding sort heap:

Minimum committed private memory (4KB)   (MIN_PRIV_MEM) = 32
Private memory threshold (4KB)        (PRIV_MEM_THRESH) = 32767
Sort heap threshold (4KB)                  (SHEAPTHRES) = 26044

I've increased the SHEAPTHRES parameter but that did not have effect.

DB CFG settings:

Sort heap thres for shared sorts (4KB) (SHEAPTHRES_SHR) = (SHEAPTHRES)
Sort list heap (4KB)                         (SORTHEAP) = 520

I do not have any OS problems regarding memory.

Thanks for any suggestions,

Onno Ceelen


1. DB2DIAG: Not enough memory available for a (private) sort heap

2003-04-08-   Instance:DB2   Node:000
PID:1420(db2syscs.exe)   TID:3488   Appid:C0A80011.F19D.030404225621
sort/list_services  sqlsAllocateSortMemory   Probe:35   Database:MPLACE

Not enough memory available for a (private) sort heap of size 4096
Trying smaller size...

Help me, please!
Which parameter should be increased - sortheap or sheapthres?


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