How to assign SYSADM Authority?

How to assign SYSADM Authority?

Post by Oh Yong Si » Thu, 04 Apr 2002 23:21:58

I have a system installed with Win 2000 Professional. DB2 v7.2 was
installed using the Adminstrator account. What authority and
privileges does this Administrator have? Upon checking the database
manager configuration, I found that SYSADM was not set to any group at
all. Why? Anyway, I assigned the SYSADM authority to the Adminstrators
group as follow:

db2 update dbm cfg using SYSADM Adminstrators

Then I set the user Adminstrator and another user called "ohys" to
belong to the Adminstrators group. I guess by doing so, both
Administrator and ohys would have the SYSADM authority.

After doing a db2stop and db2start again, I tried to connect to the a
database using the user ohys:

db2 connect to msrsdb user ohys using xxxx

The command fails and I was told that ohys does not have the CONNECT
privilege. The user ohys belongs to the Administrators group, and this
group was assigned SYSADM authority. So why doesn't ohys have the
CONNECT privilege?

Hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance!

Yong Sing


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My instance owner is db2inst1, this user belongs to the group db2grp1.
Now I want to assign a user myself( pxsand) to have the same SYSADM
rights. I have added pxsand to the group db2grp1. here is  the
problem, when I login to db2 and try , say a select from a table, it
will not return all the rows because db2 sees me as pxsand,  this is
OK, but as I belong to the SYSADM_GROUP, surely I should have the same
rights as db2inst1 user, and not have to bother with specifying the
schema.object when doing  a select.

How can I get around this problem, of selecting columns without
specifying the schema.object first ??, lie user db2inst1 does

aix.4.3/db 8.

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