Connecting to DB2 server in DCE using DB2 CLI

Connecting to DB2 server in DCE using DB2 CLI

Post by mite.. » Wed, 26 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Hello ,

When I try to connect to a UDB server in a Distributed computing
Environment (DCE) using DB2 CLI it fails.

The server is running on AIX and the UDB client is on WIndows NT. Is
there additional software to be installed in DCE setup to be able to
connect using DB2 CLI. Is there a different channel to be used to
connect to DB2 in a DCE environment.

Please let me know

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1. how to Basicly connect to DB2 Database using CLI

Hi all professional developers,
     I am a new guy to DB2. My 1st basic task is to connect the DB2
database using CLI programming and do some Select and Modify table
     In Fact I habe tried some sample code from the internet(just
connect it). However, it fails even in the ENV connection and
Alloc_handle state before asking me the Server name and ID...etc.
     So, dear all, can u tell me the basic method to connect DB2 UDB?
It is quite urgent. The sample code in the net cannot really connect
to DB2.

Thx. Thx very much.
YCM from Asia.

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