AIX 5.1 supported with whatch DB2 versions

AIX 5.1 supported with whatch DB2 versions

Post by Scott Doyla » Sat, 24 May 2003 19:12:02


Could you tell me which of these DB2 versions are supported on AIX
5.1.  I've looked on the IBM site but just can't find the info.

DB2 v6 ( and
DB2 v7.1
DB2 v7.2 (I know this is)



1. Does v7.2.x support AIX 5.1?

Hi guys,

We received a query through the Advocacy site about whether we support
AIX 5.1 or not, so am trying to find out.

Just took a look at the Supported Platforms list, and the FAQ_AIX
document (for 7.2.x) and it doesn't seem to mention specific versions of
AIX that are supported.

Does PostgreSQL 7.2.x (and also 7.3 when it's released) support AIX 5.1?


Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift

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